Narrow Diamonds Pattern

Narrow Diamonds Pattern

This simple pattern made from a knit and purl stitches. This pattern is double-sided. It looks equally from right side and a wrong side. In order to make swatch of this pattern need to cast on number of stitches multiple 8, plus 2 edge stitches.

Row 1: *purl 4, knit 4*;

Row 2: *purl 3, knit 4, purl 1*;

Row 3: *knit 2, purl 4, knit 2*;

Row 4: *purl 1, knit 4, purl 3*;

Row 5: *knit 4, purl 4*;

Row 6: *purl 4, knit 4*;

Row 7: *knit 1, purl 4, knit 3*;

Row 8: *purl 2, knit 4, purl 2*;

Row 9: *knit 3, purl 4, knit 1*;

Row 10: *knit 4, purl 4*.

Then repeat the pattern from Row 1.

Pattern Chart

Narrow Diamonds Pattern with needles, knitting pattern chart
Pattern Chart Symbols

A classical knit, unless the pattern description states otherwise.

A classical purl, unless the pattern description states otherwise.

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