Single Crochet Rib Stitch

Single Crochet Rib Stitch

Crochet rib stitch - it's relief and enough elastic pattern, which you can use for crocheting: cuffs, gloves, mittens, socks, hats and in other cases, where important elasticity of the fabric. Rapport of this pattern in horizontal - 2 stitches, in width - 1 row.

For an example make an even number of chains. In that case, if we use the usual chain of the chain stitches, then the first row we make with double crochet stitches. If we use foundation double crochet, then the first row - it's the stitches of foundation double crochet. After the first row is made, we start to crochet a basic pattern.

1 row (initial): first double crochet in 3rd chain of hook, then make double crochet stitches in each chain;

2 row: 2 turning chains, * 1 front post double crochet, 1 back post double crochet *;

3 row: 2 turning chains,  * 1 back post double crochet, 1 front post double crochet *.

Then continue to crochet, alternating the front post double crochet and the back post double crochet. At the same time, we make the front post over the front post of the previous row, and the back post over the back post of the previous row.

Crochet chart

Crochet chart of Single Crochet Rib Stitch
Pattern Chart Symbols

Chain stitch (ch).

Double crochet (dc).

Front post double crochet (fpdc).

Back post double crochet (bpdc).

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Video tutorial: how to crochet rib stitch

We offer to your attention a video tutorial: how to crochet rib stitch using the foundation double crochet. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube!

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