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Crochet Stitch Pattern "Lilac"

Crochet Stitch Pattern "Lilac"

For this relief pattern is important successfully choose the yarn. In our opinion, suitable the soft and fluffy yarn or yarn with a silky sheen, as on the photo. This stitch pattern is easy to do. Its rapport in horizontal - just 3 stitches, and in width - 1 row. We use the puff stitches to do this pattern. For a sample make chain stitches a multiple of 3, plus 1 chain for the symmetry of the pattern, plus 4 turning chains.

1 row: 3hdc puff in 5th chain from hook, skip 2 chains, * 1 double crochet, 1 chain, 3hdc puff in same chain as double crochet, skip 2 chain *, 1 double crochet;

2 row: 4 turning chain, 3hdc puff in first double crochet of previous row, * 1 double crochet in double crochet of previous row, 1 chain, 3hdc puff in same stitch as double crochet *, 1 double crochet in 3rd of four turning chains of previous row.

All the next rows crochet same as 2nd row.

Crochet chart

Crochet chart of Crochet Stitch Pattern Lilac
Pattern Chart Symbols

Chain stitch (ch).

Double crochet (dc).

Puff Stitch (3hdc puff).

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