Crochet Shell Stitch 2

Crochet Shell Stitch 2

To start crochet this shell stitch pattern you need to make chain stitches a multiple of 5, plus 4 chains.

1 row: The first double crochet in 4th chain from hook, then double crochet stitches in each chain;

2 row: 2 turning chains, bundle of five double crochet in 4th stitch of previous row, * skip 4 loops and make 5 double crochet in 5th stitch of previous row *,  double crochet in turning chain of previous row;

3 row: 2 turning chains, 1 double crochet in each loop of previous row.

Then we repeat pattern from 2nd row.

Crochet chart

Crochet chart how to make Crochet Shell Stitch 2
Pattern Chart Symbols

Chain stitch (ch).

Double crochet (dc).

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