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The Slip Stitch

Crochet Lessons for beginners, Unit 6

The slip stitches are the lowest and form a very dense and tough fabric. However, they are very often used for crocheting patterns, working in the round and joining one crocheted element to another.

It's will be difficult for you to make a first row of slip stitches, so you make 20 chain stitches plus one turning chain and then you crochet several rows of the single crochet stitches. Next you make several rows of the slip stitches. As we have said, the chain stitch (the turning chain) is not required in this case. So, after you have made the row of the single crochet stitches, you need to turn over your work and make the slip stitch into the first off hook loop (the loop on the hook is not counted). Insert your hook under both front and back loops, catch the working yarn and pull it toward you through the work and then immediately pull it through the loop on the hook. If we do the single crochet stitch in two steps, the slip stitch we do in one step. So you crochet to the end of row. Turn over your work and make the next row likewise as the previous one. In order you to be able to crochet easy, you need do not tighten the loops, make them wide enough, especially the first and last loops.

How to crochet a Slip Stitch

How to crochet a Slip Stitch

You can see in the picture, as fabric get narrow. The slip stitch (at the top) is the most dense, short and tight of all the stitches.

At the top - Slip Stitch, at the bottom - Single Crochet Stitch

At the top - Slip Stitch, at the bottom - Single Crochet Stitch
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