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Simple Crochet Stitch Pattern 4

Simple Crochet Stitch Pattern 4

This pattern is made of the bobble stitches (2dc bobble), which consist of 2 double crochet stitches. Find out more about the bobble stitches. For an example make chain stitches a multiple of 2, plus 1 chain for the symmetry of pattern.

1 row: The first bobble stitch in 3rd chains from the hook, * 1 chain, 1 bobble stitch *;

2 row: 2 turning chains, 1 bobble stitch in loop the first bobble stitch previous row, * 1 chain, 1 bobble stitch in loop the next bobble stitch previous row *.

All the next row make same as the second row.

Crochet Chart

Crochet Simple Stitch Pattern Chart
Pattern Chart Symbols

Chain stitch (ch).

Two double crochet worked together and made in the same base stitch (dc2tog in same stitch).

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